Flowers Cotton Skirt


Flowers Cotton Skirt

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Our beautiful collection of Flower Blooms Cotton Skirt in different colors and flowers designs.


  • 100% Cotton

  • Elastic at Waist Band (Infant size skirts do not have elastic at waist band)

Care: Machine wash gentle with cold/warm water and mild detergent, Tumble dry low, Warm iron if needed. Do not iron on elastic.

For this infant and toddler size knee length skirt will have skirt length vary depending on size. For x-small and small size, skirt length is about 22 inches. For proper fit, please check measurement.

  • Infant Size 1/2: Height between 17-22 inches

  • Infant Size 2: Height between 23-26 inches

  • Infant Size 3: Height between 27-30 inches

  • Toddler Size 1: Height between 31-34 inches

  • Toddler Size 2: Height between 35-37 inches

  • Toddler Size 3: Height between 38-40 inches

  • Toddler Size 4: Height between 41-43 inches

  • Toddler Size 5: Height between 44-46 inches

  • X-Small: Hip measurement between 28-32 inches

  • Small: Hip measurement between 32-36 inches

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